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Psychological Research Shows Amazing Promise for Future Mental Health Sufferers

healthdietThe efforts of Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Rick Hansen, Dr. Alan Shore, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Dr. Bassel van der Kolk are all leading mental health away from the subjective observation of behaviors to more objective brain mapping measurements.

I always like to start out my presentations and some articles with a disclaimer. Today, my disclaimer is that the information I am providing his a reflection of what we know today and is always subject to modification. As the original Buddha said “don’t take my word see for yourself, I am only human just like you.” However, the information provided by the research today is far more accurate because it is based on more objective measurements with the use of different types of brain scans.

With research shows in a general sense is that the brain operates out of two modes. One mode is a nonthreatened state that results in the accessibility of the highest brain called the cortex, and more specifically the prefrontal cortex. Prefrontal cortex (PFC) has many amazing features and according to Dr. Dan Siegel this includes the following list:

1. Body regulation

2. attuned communication

3. emotional balance/affect regulation

4. response flexibility

5. empathy

6. insight or self-knowing awareness

7. fear modulation/fear extinction

8. intuition

9. morality

The second mode, the threatened state, instinctively pulls us out of our PFC and places us in our emotional brain and brainstem that modulate fear response and survival behavior. This threatened states means we lose our ability to have access to the wonderful qualities of our PFC. If we were encountering a life-threatening event, this would be an ideal situation. The lower two-thirds of our brain work much faster and reduce options, so that are reaction is done in a timely fashion to ensure the highest probability of survival. However, very few people that become emotionally reactive are faced with life threatening challenges. So the question is, why would a brain designed to deal with life-threatening encounters be so susceptible to being engaged with existential (non-life-threatening).

Answer this question seems to be answered by Dr. Alan Shore’s research on of UCLA. Dr. Shore’s research suggests that early attachment determines the wiring of the brain. Simply put, from the time of conception a child’s nervous system is open for development. The young developing brain will gravitate to its environmental influences to prepare for the highest probability of survival. Meaning, if the environment is filled with stress the brain will develop to be highly sensitive to perceived threats. In sports, we would refer to this as training specificity. The brain adapts specifically to survive and thrive in its environment. Dr. Shore and Dr. Siegal’s research both discovered through brain mapping/imaging that stress hormones inhibit growth and repair of brain function. This stress hormone influence means that the last developmental parts of the human brain (cortex and specifically the PFC) show decrease integration to other parts of the brain. As a result, the nine PFC functions are dampened because of decrease integration. This decrease integration represents itself in the form of anxiety, depression, impulsive behavior, anger, chemical addiction, a version of social situations, eating problems, sleeping problems and as Dr. Shore reported “attachment is at the root of all mental health disorders.”

So how do we increase integration? Research is suggesting mindful meditation as the foundation of integration. Intentional, focused awareness increases neural connections of the PFC to other parts of the brain. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Thich Nhat Hanh are two sources for beginning and meditation practice.

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What Can You Understand About Your Mental Health Through Dream Analysis?

Health 8Dreams give you information about many different matters, which are all related to your mental health and your life. You can learn many important truths about you and your destiny by analyzing your dreams, and you can also learn many important details about someone else by analyzing their dreams.

Disorganized and confusing dreams reflect absurdity. When a dream is too incomprehensible and the dream scenes change too fast this means that the dreamer has a severe mental illness or is about to acquire one.

You can understand that you almost have a severe mental illness or you already have one by observing the dream images in your dreams. When they change too fast and new stories keep happening, this means that your thoughts are too disorganized and confused.

You listen to the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience all the time. You are unable to think logically.

Well-organized dreams reflect balance, even though all dreamers are basically absurd, since everyone inherits an anti-conscience and everyone’s conscience is underdeveloped and one-sided. Well-organized dreams indicate that the dreamer has a strong human conscience, even though he/she is influenced by his anti-conscience many times.

Whenever your dreams have a logical sequence that can be comprehended based on the logic of your conscience, even if you are unable to translate their meaning if you don’t know the dream language, this means that you are somehow balanced. Your mental condition is not as serious as the mental condition of those whose dreams are composed by many different and disorganized dream scenes.

This means that the logical sequence of a dream or the sudden changes in the dream images reflect your mental condition.

Therefore, you can understand if someone is about to acquire a severe mental illness or not depending on the dream story, even before translating the meaning of the dream.

You can also observe various signs that immediately reflect absurdity even before translating all the details of a dream when you know the meaning of the dream symbols.

Only by reading a dream and verifying the appearance of dream images that reflect absurdity, you will already understand that the dreamer has mental health problems.

Now that humanity has scientific knowledge and Carl Jung gave us the right definitions about the meaning of the dream images we can understand how we can be cured. I’m proving to the world that everyone can acquire sound mental health if they will eliminate their anti-conscience by obeying the divine guidance in their dreams. Many people have transformed their personality through dream translation.

This is not so difficult now that I completed Jung’s research, I simplified his method of dream interpretation, and I simplified the process of transformation that everyone must follow in order to eliminate their anti-conscience and acquire total consciousness.

A Brief Rundown of Rehabs

Addiction Rehabilitation: What You Need to Know There are more and more people becoming addicted to different types of illicit substances and they are all getting trapped in this deadly cycle. However, there are a number of unique kinds of addiction rehabilitation facilities that people are able to go to when they are considering in making sure that they can actually get the help they need to stop their addiction. There is a ton of aspects to keep into mind of but basically an addiction rehabilitation center, will help you out in a number of different ways besides just making sure you can beat your addiction, because they also have a number of different services to help bring back your health and your confidence. Some of the unique kinds of services you can expect when you’re looking to go to an addiction rehabilitation center will include: 1. The first service you should be able to get when you’re visiting a rehabilitation center will include detox treatment. 2. Counseling Is yet another very important service to think about when you’re interested in going to a good rehabilitation center.
Why No One Talks About Services Anymore
3. So when you’re interested in beating your addiction, it is a good idea to make sure you consider thinking about a wide array of different factors and aspects such as this very important service offered at many different rehabilitation centers such as nutritional and physical training.
Why People Think Rehabs Are A Good Idea
Your friends and also your family can be included in your counseling sessions, if that is something you are interested in so that is a good idea to keep into mind of as well. Fighting an addiction is going to be an uphill battle and there is no doubt about that, but you do not have to fight alone because when you’re doing a counseling section, it is possible to have your friends and also your family join you because they can provide you some very useful support to ensure you attempt to beat back the addiction you are fighting. Addiction rehabilitation facilities will always make sure you are getting the best care each and every time and the reason for this is because all of their patients are unique and will require a unique treatment in order to solve the problem they are facing. There is just so many aspects you will have to keep into mind of but basically when you’re visiting an addiction rehabilitation center, they will put a lot of focus on ensuring you are getting the very best care possible that is tailor made for your specific needs and requirements. That is the low down on addiction rehabilitation centers and how they are able to help you out.

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Prostate milking strategies and directions defined the straightforward manner

Prostate milking and learning the techniques how to do it can be easy to learn for most men and doesn’t require a lot of skill, just some attention to detail.

Picking the best prostate milking tool requires thorough and adequate research. When looking for a good and suitable prostate milking tool, one needs to have strong research skills as this is usually a good way of getting information regarding quality, price, safety as well as other important parameters that one needs to consider before selecting a prostate massage tool.
It is important for buyers of these tools to understand that there are different types of tools with each one of them having been manufactured to meet a certain level of customer satisfaction.

Before buying a prostate tool, it is usually important for one to consult a doctor or a qualified professional who is in a position to give best advice regarding choosing suitable prostate massage tools. Information given by these professionals usually comes in handy when looking for prostate massage tools.
Another great read more position is the one that is carried out from behind. With this position, massage can be carried out from behind while the man lies on their stomach, squats or bends. The unique factor about this prostate milking position is that it needs to be carried out by a partner or a qualified massage therapist, this is because the man having the prostate massage cannot be able to massage or milking themselves.

Price is also an important factor when it comes to choosing a prostate milking clinic. In this era where we have many prostate massage clinics, one will realize that fee charged may vary widely especially when a comparison is carried out among different clinics. Careful evaluation of fees charged is usually important as one can gauge this information against the services offered and come to a wise conclusion.
For those who want to see for themselves how prostate massage is carried out, it would be a wise idea to visit a prostate massage clinic to get a number of demonstrations which have been caught on video.

At a prostate milking clinic, one can be able to find a wide array of DVD’s demonstrating the art of prostate massage. The advantage of getting a video from a massage clinic is that one is 100% guaranteed that this video has been developed by professionals and therefore it will not be misleading.

prostate milking can be easy to learn if you have followed the instructions you found in this article.

Olive Leaf Health Benefits – The Medicine Of Jesus’s Day

Are you aware of olive leaf health benefits?

Wait, let’s back up.

Are you aware of olive leaf?

Olive leaf is only the first herb in the Bible cited as a natural healer…”The fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine.” It goes waaaay back. People have been using olive leaf to fight off illness and mend wounds for ages.

The small evergreen olive tree originally comes from the Mediterranean region.

Olive Leaf Extract Uses

The active ingredient in olive leaf, oleuropein, has incredible disease-resistant capabilities. That’s why this powerful germ killer has been around for so long. You don’t stop using something that works, do ya?

Here’s what it does:

buoys the immune system
staves off viruses like cold sores
dulls the effects of arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and psoriasis
prevents flu, sore throat, pneumonia, and bronchitis

Good deal?

Olive Leaf Extract Effects – Will it Hurt You?

No, not seriously.

People taking supplemental olive leaf extract often report experiencing a detox period. In combating germs and viruses, olive leaf may actually upset your body.

You may suffer fatigue, headaches, diarrhea, and muscle aches.
For this reason, it’s not recommended for pregnant women, diabetics, and people who take blood pressure meds.

Taking an Olive Leaf Supplement

The olive leaf standardized extract is the most potent. Get olive leaf health benefits in this form. The best option is taking a multivitamin that contains olive leaf. Multivitamins harness the synergy between herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

Helpful Tips for Bewildered Women to Choose Glasses Frames for Women

Beauty is the nature of women which also holds true when they are choosing spectacle frames for women. Wearing glasses is no longer a have-to burden and women are looking for more and more fascinating and attracting glasses frames to match their personality and upgrade their image. And it is reasonable that wearing different glasses frames can lead to totally different individual glamour. Since it is a very common practice for women to seek and buy an increasing number of glasses frames, here we offer a series of tips for those women who are busying looking for spectacle frames.
Tips for women to choose eyeglasses framesan>
1. What matters most is that eyeglasses frames chosen by women should to the greatest degree match their personality and temperament. Before going to glasses stores, women should think it over which style may work best with them, a vintage or a modern one and a conservative or a bold one? This is the premise of the largest for choosing glasses frames for women.

2. Do not take for granted the face shape, hair color and complexion. Sometimes even the acknowledged best glasses frames are not appropriate for any woman. We should be aware that to a certain extent our face shape, hair color and complexion are determinative for the choice of spectacle frames.
3. Take into consideration different professions. Personal professions can affect women’s picking up glasses frames. In general, the professions which are more formal and solemn such as teacher and official require women to wear more formal and conservative glasses frames. However, women engaged in some informal professions can wear some bold or funky glasses frames.

As to how many type can glasses frames for women may include, the answer is beyond measure. Good news for all dear women glasses wearers is that now yoiu can find a wide range of eyeglass frames online that come cheap in prices but good in quality. Only by clicking your mouse, you can easily find the right pair of eyeglass frames that suit your most. Ladies, take action and get yourself a pair of different and befitting glasses frames.
Default Author Bio: is the fastest growing online community selling affordable yet high quality cheap glasses, big eyeglasses and other eyewear. Firmoo’s return and refund policy makes your purchase with Firmoo risk-free. Be sure to get your eyeglasses ready.

E Cig Health Risks

Used to an increasing degree over not simply the United States but the entire world, e-cigarettes represent an incredibly fast growing and popular new technology. While on the outside e-cigarettes seem completely safe there is a troubling element to their growth, and that’s the fact no one really knows much about them or what the long-term health implications over smoking them is.

It’s up to each individual to decide what level of risk they’re willing to take on in their life and with the habits they adopt. Still, that doesn’t mean you should start (or continue) to smoke e-cigarettes without having some idea what problems they could potentially cause you.

The Only Real Long-Term Health Risk

There is only one health risk associated with e-cigarettes which we’re absolutely aware of and that’s the fact we are largely ignorant over them. The biggest health risk surrounding e-cigarettes is their uncertainty. They could produce lots of health risks which we aren’t aware of and which won’t come to light for another decade.

On the other hand they may also be completely safe. Consider the example of lazik eye treatments. This form of vision correction met a similar level of public hostility and alarm when it first arrived on the market. People came up with all sorts of horror stories over what lazik treatments could potentially do.

-some people felt lazik treatments would initially work and then your eyes would revert to their initial state very quickly

-some people thought lazik treatments would cause serious problems for the first few weeks after treatment and then not even improve vision

-some people predicted lazik treatments would cause blindness after a few years

So what happened with all those early adopters of lazik, not to mention the millions of other people who have gotten it more recently? Nothing bad. A few people had a bad experience or two but overall the vast, overwhelming majority of people who have gotten lazik received massive vision benefits which lasted. Additionally the treatment itself has improved over the years and become faster, more effective and safer.

It’s easy to think up horror stories for e-cigarettes but chances are most of these concerns are unfounded and won’t stand up to scrutiny over time. Similar to lazik, e-cigarette technology will also improve over the years and minimize any problems which may pop up with their first couple years on the market.

We can speculate endlessly over the health risks surrounding e-cigarettes but at the end of the day the only real risk is using a device whose long-term effects are unknown. Like most new medical technologies there’s a good chance e-cigarettes have no negative long term health effects. Chances are e-cigarettes, like lazik, will prove over time to be harmless.